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Getting Back to My Roots

Penny McBride

I feel so fortunate to have been a co-founder of Vertical Harvest. Looking back to what inspired me to bring a rag tag group of people together to see if the idea would gain traction started small and grew into what Vertical Harvest is today. The road was not easy and leaving brought a lot of heartache also, but I feel proud that I was able to help launch something that taught me, and many other, so much about the power of growing local food.

Sue Muncaster wrote a great piece about where Vertical Harvest is today at Feast and Field.

Vertical Harvest is raising food and futures in Wyoming

By Sue Muncaster  •  Photography by Shivyon Mitchell

Apr 19, 2021


The first time I heard the pitch for Vertical Harvest in Jackson, Wyoming, I could barely grasp the idea. A vertical greenhouse on the side of a parking garage? Hydro-pon-what? It was 2009, the Great Recession was in full swing, and “local food” in the Tetons consisted of beef, potatoes, garlic, foraged huckleberries, and whatever greens could survive in a climate where snowstorms have been recorded every day of the year.