Speaking Engagements

Sharing Ideas. Accelerating Solutions.

I’ve dedicated my career to the understanding and improvement of urban food systems, and have amassed twenty+ years of experience in urban agriculture and parallel industries including waste management, growing systems, and LEED certification processes.

My work has been featured both nationally and internationally via New York Times, Horti Daily, Urban Agriculture podcast, and many others. Currently, I am available for speaking engagements, workshops, and and the development of educational programming on topics including:

  • The Manufacturing Side of Urban Agriculture
  • From Seed to Shelf: Key Considerations for Efficient System Design
  • Innovations in Vertical Farming
  • Community Food Systems and Urban Development
  • The Value of Local Food Production
  • Effective Community Partnership Development

Innovations in urban agriculture offer the potential to not only advance urban food systems, but also to improve the health of our communities, our organizations, and the environment. I believe that the success of this industry hinges on the sharing of ideas. Let’s talk!