Penny McBride


Building Integrated Urban Agriculture Solutions
With 20+ years of experience spanning green building practices, waste utilization, vertical farming, strategic development, and entrepreneurship—I understand the complexities of urban food systems and work with clients to develop personalized, strategic and comprehensive solutions tailored to their specific needs.

Creating Vibrant Communities through Innovative, Local Food Systems
Through the development of innovative food systems and integrated urban agriculture solutions, I strive to promote community, economic, and environmental well-being. Having grown up on a farm, I’ve long been interested in the connection between nourishing food and vibrant communities. I’ve worked with private groups, NGO’s, and government agencies alike to redefine community food systems, employing a holistic approach to ensure the continued success of each project. Providing communities with healthy, sustainable, local food is central to my mission.

Advancing Urban Agriculture
In 2004, after completing an M.A. in Environment and Community through Antioch University, I went on to co-found Vertical Harvest, a three-story hydroponic greenhouse in Jackson, WY (the first of its kind in the US). I’ve spearheaded several urban agriculture projects—as researcher, strategic planner, financial advisor, and operations manager—and am currently the Vice Chair of the Association for Vertical Farming, an internationally active non-profit organization focused on leading and advancing the sustainable growth and development of the vertical farming movement.

Currently, I am available for consulting services, speaking engagements, and the development of educational programming. See individual pages for more information.

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